Monday, July 24, 2006

Rest Break

Hello to the few dedicated readers and those others who, from time to time, check out this space.

It's time for a bit of a rest. My interests are realised in other fields of endeavour and as no one has reported me to the Ombudsman, written letters to my employers (Did I ever mention I'm retired....?) it's time to hang up the typing gloves for a while.

Happy trails............Good night and good luck!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good grief!

The publics right to know 2 Replies
Posted by: Jack Medcraft
Posted on: Wednesday, 28 June 2006 10:58 PM
One can only hope that the person who murdered that young girl in W.A. is not who the public is being told and that is one of the Bolger killers from the UK. I was assured some 2 years ago by the Federal Attorney General that neither of them would be allowed into the country but then he could not tell me how the Government would be able to find out if they were in fact here anyway as their identity was being held secret.
This ludicrous situation is also in place here in Victoria thanks to the Attorne General allowing a similar order to be placed on the 2 granny killers.
These murderers will be free next year and no one out there is allowed to know who they are or where they will be living unless you know someone close to the action. This is an obvious breach of OUR civil liberties and should be addressed before they get out. At least I know their names and identities but I cannot tell anyone for fear of being imprisoned. Lets just hope they dont attack another innocent family member when they do get out.
Victoria, the protector of the Guilty!

Talk about trying it on for free publicity...and exactly HOW do you know their identity when the police and government officials DO NOT????

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Workers' Rallies Across Australia

Say No to the Howard Govt's IR Laws


MELBOURNE - 10am and 11am 28 June

Where: Starting at four locations at 10am: Trades Hall (Carlton); Federation Square; Spring St, Parliament; and Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer St).

What: March from starting points to converge on Bourke St Mall (approx. 11am) for main rally.

Speakers: Steve Bracks, Victorian Premier; Kim Beazley, ALP Leader; Sharan Burrow, ACTU President; Brian Boyd, VTHC Secretary.

Contacts: VTHC c/- Lisa Ballard 0414 694476

Major union speakers at the rallies will focus on the human cost of the new IR laws in terms of the rash of unfair sackings which have occurred and the changes to work contracts that have substantially cut the take home pay and employment conditions of many workers.

When we're united, we'll never be divided!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

AWU celebrates 120 years as voice for the worker

AUSTRALIA'S oldest and largest union was born in a Ballarat pub in 1886. Union organiser William Spence and firebrand shearer David Temple, 24, mounted a campaign against pastoralists who had cut the shearers' pay from 20 shillings per 100 sheep to 17 shillings and sixpence. Responding to an advertisement in the local paper, 40 shearers signed up for the new shearers' union, which was to become the Australian Workers Union.

National secretary Bill Shorten told the rally that the AWU had seen off many conservative governments in its 120-year history, and the Howard Government would be next. "We'll be celebrating on election night when there's a change of government and these unfair industrial relations laws are consigned to the dustbin of history," he said.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Wednesday 28 June, 2006

The 2006 Budget clearly showed the Government looks after corporate Australia at the expense of working families. As petrol prices and interest rates continue to rise, the average employee got tax cuts of only $7 or $10 a week. At the same time our job security has been undermined by the new IR laws, which attack the pay and conditions we all rely on.

National Day of Protest - Wesnesday 28 June is:-

The day the records were broken?
The day when there was an overwhelming demonstration against the Howard Government?
The day when 'we the people' stood up and said, NO MORE?
The day when we took back, what was ours?
The day we said we want a government for the people?
The day we said - I am one, together, we are many?
The day we said, I'm sick of being sold out, traded, overpassed, discounted and disposable - the day we said - NO MORE!!!!!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Truth and justice have prevailed

Extrate from Guruann's Blogsite

A win is a win is a win!

Some of you may know that I have been subjected to defending certain things that I have posted on my blog at the Municipal Electoral Tribunal. Well today the decision was handed down and all allegations were dismissed and I was awarded costs. Thanks to those out there who have supported me throughout this ordeal especially my community of online friends in no special order Supamum, Weez, Not the 6, Cam, Sean. There should be a story in The Age tomorrow, will post a link if it's online.

A special thanks to my solicitor who represented me without fault and used his vast knowledge of the LG Act and previous case law to ensure that the case went my way.

Certainly, it was a pleasure.....

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

JOHN Howard's workplace revolution is transforming pay deals rapidly, with every individual work contract surveyed in the first month of the WorkChoices regime axing at least one protected award condition.

And one in six new contracts paid staff only five basic entitlements, depriving them of 11 other award conditions such as overtime, rest breaks, holiday leave loading, and extra pay to work on public holidays.

The swift pace at which the new laws have begun to transform work contracts caught Workplace Minister Kevin Andrews by surprise. Only last Friday he suggested most new contracts still had many of the award conditions that employers were forced to include — or compensate workers fully to sign away — until March. "The evidence from the Office of Employment Advocate is that the vast majority of agreements which have been lodged with the employment advocate continue to contain things like penalty rates and overtime," he said.

Labor's industrial relations spokesman Stephen Smith said it was proof that the new laws "cause a race to the bottom" by employers. In a question time stunt, Labor MPs held up copies of the Coffs Coast Advocate reporting how local woman and lifelong Liberal voter Annette Harris was asked to trade away $90 a week in penalty rates for compensation of just two cents an hour by her employer, fabric retailer Spotlight.

In a sign of growing concern within senior Government ranks about the lack of bounce in the polls from the big-spending budget, Treasurer Peter Costello yesterday urged all Coalition MPs to step up their budget sales pitch in the next two months.

Mr Howard played down the latest poll, which gave Labor a 52-48 lead over the Coalition, saying "the full electoral and political impact of the budget will not be felt until it is received". morons! Now do you believe the unions and; we, the people.....?